How A Green Roof Can Benefit You, Your City & The Environment

Green roofs are becoming more and more popular as a result of urbanization and population growth. A green roof is a roof that has been covered in vegetation, usually includes a drainage and irrigation system and sometimes aims to restore the environmental footprint that was dissolved when a building was constructed. Beyond the beauty a […]

Backfill Material & Choosing The Proper Application

Underground tank backfill in Northern Colorado

When it comes to backfilling an underground tank, there are a number of things to take into consideration to ensure a stable grading and maintain the integrity of your tank(s). What Is Backfilling? Backfilling is the process of refilling a trench after all necessary excavation and construction work has been completed. Years of field experience […]

Creating Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens

Building codes require more and more new building projects in the Denver metro area to have some form of a green roof or landscaped amenity area on the rooftop. Often, access to the roof of these buildings is extremely limited, and by the time soil installation needs to take place, the tower crane has been […]

Bedrock Slingers Can Place Soil in Hard-to-Reach Areas

While our Bedrock Slingers trucks are known for placing aggregate – stone shooting, as it’s often called – they also work well to place soil in hard-to-reach areas. We had a customer in the Greeley, Colorado oil fields that needed to have a tight area backfilled with soil. This project would have taken many laborers […]

Turnkey Operations with Bedrock Slingers Trucks Make Installing Landscape Rock a Breeze

A customer of ours in Boulder, Colorado was having difficulty growing grass along a roadway and wanted to spruce up the area with landscape rock. Traditional landscape rock installation operations typically involve large trucks and large labor crews that might block the roadways for days. But with our turnkey operation using our Bedrock Slingers trucks […]

Go from Weeds to Grass with Terraseeding

The Ground Solutions process of terraseeding involves mixing grass seed with compost or green waste and spraying it evenly on an area of bare ground with our blower trucks. One of our customers had an area of bare ground next to a road and was having a hard time getting anything to grow but weeds. […]

Bedrock Slingers for Backfilling: Save Time and Money

The Ground Solutions Bedrock Slingers trucks make backfilling projects easy to save our customers time and money. On a residential swimming pool installation project, we were able to maneuver our truck tightly around landscape and trees to prep the pool area for the concrete pour. Where the homeowner would have had crews of laborers with […]

Turnkey Playground Installation for Denver Public Schools

At Ground Solutions, we do things differently! A new school in the Denver Public Schools District had three playgrounds that needed engineered wood fiber (EWF) to be installed as a safe, accessible play surface around the newly installed equipment. Our turnkey playground services, which include material, delivery, installation, and cleanup, were ready for the job. […]

Springtime Means Landscape Refresh Time

As the grass and trees start to green up, many of our customers want us to freshen up the cedar in their landscaping beds as well. Our blower trucks allow small crews to get in and out quickly, leaving behind fresh, aromatic cedar to brighten the areas around plantings. Contact us for a free quote […]

March Soil Placement to Help April Showers Bring May Flowers

Ground Solutions blower trucks and Bedrock Slinger trucks helped the Denver City and County Building prepare for spring planting with a refresh of the soil in the large planting beds in front of the building. We loaded up our trucks and arrived early on a Saturday morning, placing 100 cubic yards of soil into the […]

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