Fine Grading Placement

Purchase, delivery, placement and fine grading

Client: Windsor Middle School Service: Purchase, delivery, placement and fine grading of ¾” under-slab rock Details: We stockpiled 2,300 tons of ¾” washed rock, loaded into our DAHMS OS7 Slinger and placed at a 6” depth over an approximate 90,000 sq ft. Part of our turnkey service was also providing a crew of laborers that […]

Centennial Airport

Centennial Airport

Location: Centennial Airport on S Peoria St, Englewood CO Service: Purchase, delivery and placement of 1.5” crushed rock with slinger truck into landscape medians. Details: We stockpiled 168 tons of 1.5″ Indian Sunset and 170 tons of 1.5″ Clear Creek Granite at a nearby parking lot and utilized our loader and remote driven Slinger Truck to make quick […]

Resort & Pool Backfilling

Ground Solutions pump truck backfilling gravel around a pool

Client: SJS Location: Eldorado Springs, CO Service: Placement of ¾” crushed rock with slinger truck and 3/8” pea gravel with pump truck for backfill. Details: Our slingers and our pump truck were able to work simultaneously to help a contractor do the first phase of backfill on this pool to allow for plumbing to be […]

Distribution Center Landscaping

Ground Solutions slinger truck placing landscape material around a distribution center

Location: Commerce City, CO Service: Purchase, delivery and placement of landscape rock Details: On this HUGE Lowe’s Distribution Center we placed over 4,200 tons of 1.5” landscape rock utilizing our end dumps for delivery to the site, and our loader and OS7 Slinger for placement. Check out some of our other Projects in this Category!


Ground solutions and Bedrock Slingers placed a grading under-slab and radon aggregate in Colorado

  Client: TMC Location: Longmont, CO Service: Placing and grading under-slab and radon aggregate Details: We placed and laser-graded approximately 95,000 square feet of aggregate at a 4-inch depth (1,650 tons) over vapor barrier on this slab-on-grade work for a large apartment complex in Longmont.  

DesignScapes Colorado Project

Bedrock Slingers delivered and placed amended soil, improving median landscaping in Colorado

Client: DesignScapes Colorado Location: Greenwood Village, CO Service: Improving Median Landscaping Details: Improving Median Landscaping – We performed our turn-key service on this project located at Belleview Ave between University and I-25. We purchased, delivered and placed over 800 yards of amended soil into 10 different medians without having to shut down this busy road! […]

Robertson’s Landscaping

Ground Solutions placing planters mix onto sloped surface with GEOWEB at the US Olympic Museum in Colorado

Client: Robertson’s Landscaping Location: US Olympic Museum – Colorado Springs, CO Service: Planter’s Mix –  Topdressing Details: Ground Solutions loaded and placed 125CY of Planter’s Mix onto several slopes covered with GEOWEB® for stabilization at the US Olympic Museum which will be opening in the Summer of 2020.

L7L Enterprises

Bedrock's on-site stone slinger (OS7) placed crushed aggregate for backfill around StormTech system

Client: L7L Enterprises Location: N Boyd Lake Ave and HWY 34 in Loveland, CO Service: Placed around 1,000 tons of 1.5” crushed aggregate to backfill StormTech system Details: Bedrock’s on-site Slinger (OS7) was able to efficiently place crushed aggregate for backfill around the StormTech ADS chambers being constructed under the future parking lot of the […]

Beacon Construction

Bedrock’s Slinger Trucks placing draining gravel for concrete slab-on-grade preparation in Colorado

  Client: Beacon Construction Location: 1325 Main St., Windsor CO 80550 (Westwood Nursing Facility) Service: Placing and grading a 4” layer of free draining ¾” rock for slab-on-grade preperation Details: Bedrock’s Slinger Trucks and laser grading crew prepped over 26,000 square feet with 4” of free draining gravel for concrete slab-on-grade. Despite access on just […]

Western States

Bedrock’s Slinger placing screened topsoil with remote slinger truck in Colorado

  Client: Western States Reclamation Location: 10th Street and 34th Ave, Greeley 80634 Service: Placed 150 yards of screened topsoil (supplied by J2 Contracting) along 10th St Details: Bedrock was able to efficiently place topsoil to backfill around new curb & gutter and sidewalk. With our remote drive Slinger truck, we placed material with just one […]

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