Bedrock Slingers: Conveyor Aggregate Delivery

Since 2003, our Bedrock Slingers trucks have been providing conveyor aggregate delivery for faster material placement in all types of applications. Also known as gravel shooters and rock slingers, our conveyor trucks place material where you need it to reduce the labor required to manually haul and place material, saving time and money on your project.

  • No place to store material on the job site? Our stone slinger trucks can deliver and place material without it touching the ground.
  • The remote control capability on our trucks ensures accurate material placement and saves operator labor time manually moving trucks into place.
  • For concrete slab prep, after placing the gravel using one of our stone slingers, our experienced, manual laser-grading crew completes an exact final grade. This extra step allows the concrete contractor to come in immediately afterwards and begin pouring with minimal prep work.
  • Stone slinger material delivery is ideal for projects with close-in access requiring aggregate of greater than 1″. It’s the fastest, least expensive method for placing gravel, landscape rock, recycled asphalt or concrete, and more.
  • Need to backfill with soil in an area out of reach? Our Bedrock Slingers trucks can accurately “shoot” it in to place.

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