Underslab/Radon Rock & Gravel

Bedrock Slingers’ rock slinger trucks quickly and accurately provide gravel placement. We can also place sand, roadbase or any type of gravel needed for radon mitigation, post-tension and concrete slab prep.

About Radon: Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in Colorado soil and in well water that comes from the natural breakdown of uranium. It can enter a home or building and get trapped, potentially causing lung cancer for occupants after long-term exposure. A layer of gravel under a slab allows the gas to move freely and move outside through plumbing specifically installed to convey the gas.

Rock Slinger Trucks for Gravel Placement

Builders and commercial contractors hire our Bedrock Slingers rock slinger trucks to place gravel or aggregate for residential foundations and commercial projects. We place gravel safely and efficiently without having to drive over vapor barrier, plumbing or conduit.

We offer a turnkey service where we purchase the rock, deliver it to the site, place it with the stone slinger, and laser grade it so it’s ready for the concrete pour. On smaller projects, we use our over-the-road stone slinger truck that has a 25-30 ton capacity. This eliminates the need for a skidsteer or a pile of material on the ground. We are in and out in no time with no mess left behind, allowing you to stay on schedule. On larger projects where there is more room to work, we deliver the material and stockpile the rock. Then we use our all-terrain slinger for installation. With a loader, stone slinger, and grading crew, we can place and grade up to 500 tons a day or 25,000 square feet.


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