Green Roofs/Rooftop Gardens

Ground Solutions’ blower truck technology offers the most efficient and cost-effective means for green roof installation on commercial buildings in Colorado. Our blower trucks are ideal for installing all landscape materials, including rooflite, extensive roof soil, and intensive roof soil; mulch; and aggregates to elevated planters and green roofs. We can safely and dependably install landscaping materials onto roofs as high as 10 stories without extensive manual labor and disruption to building occupants.

Installing green roofs and rooftop gardens onto commercial buildings transform stark, unused roofs into environmental oases. They extend the life of a roof, reduce rainwater runoff, create natural insulation for the building, and create peaceful retreats, among other benefits. See our green roof project examples.

Long popular in Europe, green roofs are becoming more common in the United States. Denver, Colorado voters approved an ordinance in 2017 that requires larger buildings to devote a portion of the roof to gardens and other living coverings.

Do you have an idea for a green roof or rooftop garden project? Or do you want to know more about the benefits? We would love to talk with you. Contact us today!


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