Bedrock Slingers Can Place Soil in Hard-to-Reach Areas

While our Bedrock Slingers trucks are known for placing aggregate – stone shooting, as it’s often called – they also work well to place soil in hard-to-reach areas.

We had a customer in the Greeley, Colorado oil fields that needed to have a tight area backfilled with soil. This project would have taken many laborers many wheelbarrow loads of soil and several days to tackle by hand. But our Bedrock Slinger truck was able to shoot the soil up and over a row of oil tanks with speed and accuracy to get the project done faster – in just one day – and less expensively.

This same application works well to backfill around utilities, plumbing pipes, and septic tanks and into trenches and other hard-to-reach areas. Ground Solutions and our Bedrock Slinger trucks can help you save time and money on your next project. Contact us today for a free quote.

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