Bedrock Slingers rock and stone slinger trucks use the latest in conveyor technology to distribute gravel, topsoil, dirt, sand, wood chips and more into desired areas accurately and efficiently. The telebelt trucks have capacity for 25 yards of material and once on site, the operator can convey material and drive the truck remote control. This makes the job run quickly and places the material precisely where you need it. That means your job stays on schedule without extensive labor.

For projects that are larger than normal or have tight access, we use all-terrain slingers. These feature a 6-yard hopper that we can easily load on site and allow us to convey material at a constant rate. We can load the hopper using anything from a skid-steer to a 3-yard loader. All-terrain slingers have four-wheel/remote drive and off-road tires, which enable us to navigate slopes, behind buildings, and around obstacles to place materials that otherwise would have taken much more time and coordination.

Let’s put our rock slinger truck into gear for your next project in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, or Wyoming. Get a free quote or drop us a line.


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