How A Green Roof Can Benefit You, Your City & The Environment

Green roofs are becoming more and more popular as a result of urbanization and population growth. A green roof is a roof that has been covered in vegetation, usually includes a drainage and irrigation system and sometimes aims to restore the environmental footprint that was dissolved when a building was constructed. Beyond the beauty a green roof provides, there are multiple other benefits that a green roof can provide.

Protect Your Roof

A green roof acts as a buffer to environmental elements such as wind, sun and rain which would otherwise gradually wear down your roofing material. This will extend the lifetime of your roof, saving you money in the long run.

Regulate Indoor Temperature

Plants both absorb and reflect sunlight, which prevents heat from beating down directly onto the rooftop when a green roof is installed. This helps regulate and cool indoor temperatures, conserving energy and saving you money on air conditioning costs. During the colder months, a green roof can act as insulation, helping to maintain a warm, comfortable interior.

Reduce Stormwater Runoff

In many urban areas, drainage sources are limited, which can result in flooding when there is heavy rainfall. Green roofs are able to absorb a great majority of stormwater, preventing rapid runoff and mitigating flooding and erosion. After the water is absorbed, the roof gradually releases the excess water. 

Natural Beauty

Even without direct access, a green roof provides a beautiful view for employees, residents or tenants in surrounding buildings. In heavily populated cities, a splash of greenery is always a welcomed addition to a concrete urban environment.

Improve Air Quality

Plant leaves and blades of grass trap dust particles that may be floating in the air. In conjunction with a green roof’s cooling benefits, less smog will be produced and a building can reduce its urban heat island effect.

Multifunctional Space

If you have access to your green roof, it can serve as the perfect spot for dinner parties, meetings, play dates or simply a spot to hang out in and soak up some sun. If you’re an avid gardener, a green roof is the perfect place to plant your bounty without worrying about it being trampled in the downtown rush. A green roof can also serve as a habitat for local wildlife looking for a place to call home!

How To Install A Green Roof

Starting and installing a green roof can become extremely strenuous both physically and financially, especially if your rooftop is multiple stories up. Ground Solutions’ blower trucks can quickly and accurately install landscaping materials onto roofs as high as 10 stories, saving you time and money while laying the foundation for your beautiful rooftop oasis.

Give us a call today to learn more about our process and the services we provide. Your green getaway awaits!

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