Turnkey Playground Installation for Denver Public Schools

At Ground Solutions, we do things differently! A new school in the Denver Public Schools District had three playgrounds that needed engineered wood fiber (EWF) to be installed as a safe, accessible play surface around the newly installed equipment. Our turnkey playground services, which include material, delivery, installation, and cleanup, were ready for the job.

Two of the playgrounds were easily accessible. We just pulled the blower trucks right up to them and quickly and accurately placed the material where it needed to go.

The third playground was a little harder to get to. It required us to traverse across a newly installed artificial turf soccer field without damaging it. With our blower hoses extended more than 350 feet, we were able to blow in the EWF and get the job done successfully.

Using our state-of-the-art blower technology helped us get the job done faster and easier with little disruption to other trades on the site and to the site itself. Because we delivered the material in our blower trucks, there were no stockpiles to get in the way or to clean up after. We were able to deliver and place the EWF in a single day leaving the playgrounds ready to welcome children when school started. Contact us to learn more about turnkey playground services from Ground Solutions.

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