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Ground Solutions began in Northern Colorado as Bedrock Slingers in 2003. Founder Jordan Kamps started with a single stone slinger truck and the desire to provide an option for material placement for residential construction. He wanted to help get jobs done faster with less labor, saving time and money on projects.

This solution to material placement became popular with builders and concrete contractors. It eventually grew to include commercial applications as well. With great service focused on our customers, Bedrock Slingers grew to a fleet of trucks in Northern Colorado.

We then expanded our technology and material placement solutions by introducing a blower truck to our lineup in 2009. This truck can place finer material such as soil, sand, and mulch even farther from the supply truck than the slingers. It operates using hose pipe and a pneumatic blower system rather than by placement off a conveyor. With that service, Ground Solutions was born.  This service is now the preferred and safe method for installing the majority of wood chips in playgrounds, mulch in landscape beds, and soil in applications like green roofs, planters and soil amendment.

Today, Ground Solutions is becoming the primary brand of our company. But our conveyor trucks and service still bear the Bedrock Slingers name. We serve customers in many markets including: commercial & residential energy, industrial, and municipal. We serve many regions now as well, including Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Nebraska. Our goal is to save time, money, and labor for our customers by delivering and placing material faster, farther and more efficiently.

We are proud of the team we have built, thankful for the great customers we serve, and look forward to the business relationships we will form in the future!


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