Creating Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens

Building codes require more and more new building projects in the Denver metro area to have some form of a green roof or landscaped amenity area on the rooftop. Often, access to the roof of these buildings is extremely limited, and by the time soil installation needs to take place, the tower crane has been removed from the project. In these situations, Ground Solutions can come to the jobsite and with limited site interruption, deliver and place landscape materials directly onto the rooftop with our unique blower and slinger trucks.

In the photos shown, the customer needed to have 110 cubic yards of material placed onto the rooftop of this particular project, which was 155 vertical feet from the street level, and installed 100 feet across the rooftop into planter trays. Our Ground Solutions team was able to set up, place material, and tear down on this site in two full business days, leaving the customer with a rooftop ready for planting and a clean jobsite immediately after installation. With our turnkey services, we delivered and installed the material without it ever touching the ground.

Our blower truck technology provides the most cost effective and efficient means to install soil, mulch, and aggregates to elevated planters and green roofs. This eliminates labor-intensive installation methods and unnecessary equipment on the job site. Safe and dependable, our blower trucks allow us to operate more than 10 vertical stories to install the materials you need for elevated landscaping. Contact us today to learn more about the services we can provide for green roofs and rooftop gardens and to get a free quote.

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