Go from Weeds to Grass with Terraseeding

The Ground Solutions process of terraseeding involves mixing grass seed with compost or green waste and spraying it evenly on an area of bare ground with our blower trucks.

One of our customers had an area of bare ground next to a road and was having a hard time getting anything to grow but weeds. After terraseeding to lay down a nice mix of topsoil and grass seed, the area bloomed into a nice area of grass. No more weeds!

We also used terraseeding on a hillside in Broomfield, Colorado. Grass is often difficult to grow on hillsides because of the slope and related erosion issues. Since we install soil along with the seed, the grass germinates faster and at a higher yield.

Besides having a higher rate of germination with terraseeding, the process saves on labor. Normally, it would take a large crew of laborers to spread topsoil and then distribute seed by hand. Because it’s hard to tell where the seed has landed on the topsoil, hand seeding can also lead to areas that are thin on seed or completely missed. With our blower trucks, we place seed and soil at the same time using a smaller crew that takes half the time to do the job. Think about terraseeding for your next seeding job. Ask us for a free quote!

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