Turnkey Operations with Bedrock Slingers Trucks Make Installing Landscape Rock a Breeze

A customer of ours in Boulder, Colorado was having difficulty growing grass along a roadway and wanted to spruce up the area with landscape rock. Traditional landscape rock installation operations typically involve large trucks and large labor crews that might block the roadways for days. But with our turnkey operation using our Bedrock Slingers trucks with two operators and two laborers, we installed 175 tons of rock in one day, saving the customer money and reducing inconvenience. The rock gives the area a nice, updated look and the weed barrier we installed underneath will keep the weeds at bay for years to come.

With our Bedrock Slinger trucks, we can pick up the material, deliver it, and install it where you want it without the material touching the ground. This means the installation goes faster and there’s almost no mess for us to clean up when we’re finished – our crews get in and out with little interference to the surrounding area. Our remote-controlled truck technology makes it faster for our operators to work as well. They can keep the trucks moving down the line remotely without having to get in and out of the truck each time it needs to move, saving costly labor expense.

If you have a large project with landscape rock, consider Ground Solutions and our Bedrock Slingers trucks to get the job completed faster. Contact us for a free quote!

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